WPOpal New Framework WordPress 4.9 | Magical Real-time Customizer Solution for any Online Shopping

December 04, 2017

Latest version WordPress 4.9 has been released since few days ago. It is undeniable that it brings the biggest changes in customizable manager and developer experience. Indeed, this upgrade comes with a wonderful plenty of customizable features enhancements, which better users shopping experiences. By the way, we are very pleased to release our New Customize WordPress Theme 4.9 Framework – best friendly and Real-time for WordPress 4.9 Customizable Solution for any Online Store.
Follow us to discover How it powerful is!

Check New Framework Demo:


First, this New Customize WordPress Theme 4.9 Framework – Advanced Customize Tools – comes with a lot of powerful features. So you will very be surprised it.

  • Real Time Customizer
  • No CSS touching
  • Unlimited Customizer Styles
  • Magically Editor Change
  • All Page Support
  • Save time & cost

That’s great. Spend little Time on discovering How it work perfectively:

Real-time Customize

To familiar with Visual Composer in Customize Manager, in New Framework – Boost – Advanced Customize WordPress Theme 4.9 supports real-time customization tool. As soon as you choose any part of page to edit, you can make change for page, everything is updated instantly at your right hand. Wonderful!

Multiple Styles to Customizer

At new Framework, your styles for customization is bigger and more friendly. It supports multiple Customizable Styles.

No Css Touching

That’s great. Why? Because no matter who are you? Developer, newbies, or non-experienced CSS years. You can tailor your page as you want with perfect choice and real time customizer.

Magically Editor

If at the before Framework or default WordPress 4.9 Theme Framework, you should know basic framework of WordPress and exact position you want to change then you can customize them. New Framework will help you do it quickly. When you hover at the any part of your theme/you website, it will appear icon for edit. You can edit your layout, color, font text, animation, background, etc. Just in a sec to make any change for your store.

Just Click & Select

No need to looking for the part to customize at customize settings panel. Just click onto your page and start apply!

All Page Supported

You can customize instantly for Homepage, Blog Page, Shop Page, Product Detail Page, Blog Detail Page, etc

Powerful Customizer Tools: Edit Layout, Size & Font text, Animation, and so on.

Yeap, it is strong our improvements. Please follow us to explore at applied Framework:

  • Homepages
  • Blog Page
  • Woocommerce Shop

1. Homepage:

Yeah! Get this detail tutorials for WordPress Theme customization Header:

Instead of choose option at your left hand, your page will be change after some minutes. It requires you choose correct part of theme you want to custom. For our new Framework, you can customize your header in the real-time. As soon as you want to change at any position on header, you can choose the symbol to customize and the part of your left hand automatically appear for your editor.


Watch our video: How to Customize WordPress Header 4.9

Next to, customize Header Layout:

  • Enable for Sticky, Full-width header, layout available
  • Cart: Enable/disable shopping cart on your store
  • Search bar: Enable search form at header
  • Color: You can choose available color
  • Topbar Background color

2. Customize Woocommerce WordPress Theme 4.9:

To similarity, you can customize shop page with ease. You can custom shop page layout, side bar, product animation, style, column and row display..

  • Woocommerce Shop
  • Product Detail Page

3. Customize Blog WordPress Theme 4.9:

  • Color
  • Layout Blog
  • Blog Detail Page

This is our Powerful Customize WordPress Theme in the latest version 4.9. Get this Magical New Framework, your customizable Theme becomes easier than ever. So you can save tons of time and cost for your configuration.

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