Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

August 03, 2015

Which social channels are you using to market for your website? And are they effective? They are popular questions each marketer takes care. Besides some traditional channels we use such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin Pinterest is one of the effective marketing strategies you can’t ignore. Like any social media site, it offers many opportunities for businesses to market what they have to offer. Whether you are new to Pinterest marketing or looking to improve what you’re already doing, don’t worry to day Opal WordPress will share you Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy. Although it hasn’t been really perfect, it is an useful source for you to deploy for the marketing plan. Please follow the simple tips to improve your Pinterest!

#1. Complete your profile

The first thing you should do immediately is to make sure your profile is complete with an avatar and cover. It’s important that people know who you are and what you’re interested in. You should complete all necessary personal information or business, keep it friendly, and even add a few quirky (yet professional) comments because many people will read your bio before deciding whether to follow you. A good written bio can help you get much more followers than a poorly written bio.



#2. Keep your Pinterest board clean and organized

Pinterest’s popularity is primarily based on its neat structure. Even the large boards with hundreds of posts should be naturally pleasing to the eye and easily understood. Pinterest allows you to create many different boards, and you should use this to your advantage. Don’t create too many, though, as boards with only one or two pins will get ignored. In the category of creating a board there is enough of necessary information you have to fill such as name, description, category, map.. You must choose the category for your blog so that readers can be easy to find what they want. For example when you are using Pinterest for your business, it is important to use proper classification to make it simple and easier for the users to browse your boards. The best way is to create multiple boards to segregate the content by category so that relevant content can be kept together.


#3. Make exciting and inspiring content

There are thousands of pins getting posted on Pinterest every day. Awesome and compelling content that talks directly to your customers, fans, and audience is the best thing you can do. But it does require a strategy. This is the way your visitors can access your fanpage and pay attention to the content. If the content you post is carefully prepared, the viewers will high appreciate because you give them what they need. So before publishing a post you should prepare everything thoroughly such as contents, photos, pictures, video or questions, name, title, description…Choose a great image to post from the article and include the link in the description. When fans get something of value out of your posts, they’re more likely to share with friends and family. This is an effective tip!


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#4. Join Popular Group Boards

It is excellent for you to find some popular groups to join. This great way will help you to reach more people to get repins, followers and traffic. But it’s extremely hard to find good group boards on Pinterest because there’s been no search feature to help you out. PinGroupie is an easy to use and free tool that finds group boards. On this it gives many detailed statistics of category, pins, collaborators, followers, likes, repins helping you to get general knowledge about some groups then you can choose the best suitable ones to join.

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#5. Drive traffic with blog boards

By creating a blog board, you provide a place for your followers to find all your blog posts. Followers also automatically see any new blogs you pin on their homepage. Make sure you name your board using relevant keywords, so it’s easy for followers to find in search engine results. After you publish a blog post on your site, pin it onto your board. Make sure to include a brief summary of the article, a relevant high-quality image and a link back to the blog post itself. Remember that data visuals or illustrations in your content are informative and will encourage visitors to click through to your blog post to find out more.


#6. Schedule pins

Instead of spending time every day to add pins, the best alternative is to use a scheduling tool to post your pins at the right times. You may schedule your pin with an interval of 1440 minutes so that the system can add 1 pin per day. Choosing a suitable time to pin will bring great effectiveness for your work. Right time right action!

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#7. Learn from other customers

Observe the interests of your target customers as it helps you create a more engaging experience. Look at who’s following you, who is pinning from your domain and who is repining your content. Likewise, you can also see what else people are pinning to identify the latest trends across your fans. You may use Pinterest Automation Software to follow lots of other users. The software can also navigate other relevant boards and automatically follow people and boards. In addition, there are several tools that have popped into the marketplace to help manage, measure and enhance your Pinterest experience.


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To the nutshell, Pinterest is very friendly and close with all people, it is an advantage for you to develop it well. But to do to effectively is not easy, it requires you to mixture them in harmony. The article of “Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy” will be helpful for you to learn and experience. In the process of searching, you find the good strategies, contact us or leave a comment below we will update this list immediately. Please follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get newest information!

Thanks so much!

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